Radiography Testing (RT)
Digital Radiography










Xpress Scan Digital Radiography System

Mobile digital radiography system is intended for single wall or double wall penetration of ∅ 300–1420 mm pipe welds for pipeline construction or repair.

Lower inspection costs by eliminating consumables (X-ray film and film processing chemicals), film processing equipment, film storage facilities

Compatible with any X-ray source and any crawler

Inspection results obtained online make it possible to correct welding settings to avoid more defects

Perfect conditions for image examination (zoom, optimal contrast, image enhancement procedures) and inspection protocol preparation

Easy to use database

No consumables, film processing,or phosphor plates scanning

• No darkroom, no environmental issues
 • Image quality class B acc. ISO 19232-5, ISO 10893-7, ISO 17636-2
 • Battery operated
 • Wireless data transfer
 • 3 minutes installation
 • External storage under DICONDE protocol


DR Panel

  • 14″X17″ portable wireless radiography detector with dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11n wireless transmission. Image acquisition cycle can be completed within 5 seconds (From X-ray exposure to image being displayed on screen). To ensure reliable operation in any environment, the detector also provides a standard Gigabit Ethernet port for wired operation.
  • Outstanding battery capacity ensures over 1400* shots when it’s fully charged (*continuous operation with 10 seconds interval between each acquisition).
  • The most advanced CsI direct-deposition technology ensures excellence of image quality at low X-ray dose for safety-minded operation environment.
  • Aluminum-alloy uni-body enclosure with Impact-absorption rubber edge and water-proof
    seals support the detector to be used in various complicated environment.



  • ”Array’s 2905 Laser Film Digitizer is the equipment of choice for users who demand the highest
    image quality for non destructive tests and examination radiographs.
  • Using precise optics and a helium neon laser, the 2905 captures your industrial radiographs
    with speed, accuracy and reliability”
  • The 2905 film digitizer is designed to deliver the highest possible image quality combined with
    extremely fast scanning. In as little as 7 seconds a 14 X 17 inch film can be digitized at 2k
  • The 2905 film digitizer can be used with a range of software products to achieve a full integration
    with your current systems or to provide a powerful stand-alone system.
  • Using only the finest materials the 2905 is build to last. The 2905 is constructed with an all steel
    frame an heavy metal closed housing to protect the laser and optics. Coupled with a one-year
    parts warranty and an outstanding support network, you are assured years of reliable worry free