Radiography Testing (RT)
Industrial X-Ray Equipment


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 200 / 300 kV microcomputerized directional industrial X-ray system

Radioflex EGM2 series

Rigaku offers a powerful lineup of microcomputerized industrial X-ray systems for NDT inspections. What is indispensable for heavy-duty radiographic operation in the field are excellent operational productivity and durability. The Radioflex RF-EGM2 exactly meets these needs.


  • The X-ray generator employs a ceramic X-ray tube featuring high reliability proven by the past records.
  • The microcomputerized controller also is highly functional such that the radiographic condition can be called out instantly and that the exposure condition is memorizable. Further, block type switch buttons are mounted on its panel to facilitate the field work.
  • The EGM2 series thus features simplicity and handiness to realize substantial efficiency in radiographic operation in the field.

Small, light weight non-destructive testing X-ray generator


Radioflex RF-200SPS 200 V

Radioflex RF-200SPS is designed for the purpose of maintenance of buildings or inspection of layout of reinforcement inside of concrete or piping by X-ray radiography technique located in a narrow area or at a high spot.


  • Small size and light weight.
  • It features ceramic X-ray tube of good property against heat, vibration and impact.
  • Digitization of the timer (high-intensity LED display) enhances reproductively of the exposure time in a dimly light space. It notifies the completion of radiographing with a buzzer (alarm buzzer).
  • Automatic aging circuit is installed. Aging (warming-up) of X-ray tube can be completed automatically.